Day 1: Travel + Settling into the City

Our first day we did not plan anything except checking into Perry Lane Hotel and having dinner at Treylor Park, a nearby restaurant. We knew the drive would be longer with an eight-month-old, so the goal was to get there and get settled into the city!

Day 2: Exploring River Street, Bonaventure Cemetery, & Tybee Island

The morning we woke up in Savannah, we were anxious to explore! We enjoyed coffee in one of the quaint rooms of our hotel, then headed off to Maple Street Biscuit Co. for brunch.

We then walked all over river street, ending up at the beautiful Paris Market. This store, full of new and antique-sourced Parisian goods, was a must-stop! After our morning full of walking, we stopped at Leapold’s ice cream shop for a refreshing treat!

We scheduled our days around have one good, afternoon nap for Caleb so he would be his happiest self. So, after ice cream, we headed back to our hotel where we all took a nap. 😉 This break in the day was actually really nice, especially since we were walking an average of six miles per day in the month of July!

After naps, we headed to Bonaventure Cemetery, where we drove and walked around for a little while. Then, we were off to Tybee Island for a picnic on the beach!

Fun fact: we had planned to take a few family photos while at Tybee Island. While eating dinner, we happened to spot another photographer taking a family session not far from us. When she finished, Christian decided to ask her if she would snap a quick photo of us with my camera. She graciously obliged, then proceeded to do basically do an entire session for us! The images below are the result!! We are so, so thankful for the generosity of precious Amia!

Day 3: A quiet morning at Perry Lane Hotel along with beautiful walks through the historic streets and Forsythe park

Our last day in Savannah was relaxing and low-key. We spent much of the morning enjoying our lovely hotel and letting Caleb get a long morning nap since we would be checking out later that day.

Then, we spent the afternoon walking around the historic streets, lined with charming, southern homes. We walked most everywhere we went, which allowed minimal logistics with Caleb so we could truly relax and take in the area. We would definitely recommend this for those traveling with a baby, but definitely buy some stroller fans for the warmer months!

We found the loveliest chocolate shop by Chippewa sqaure and had to go in to try one!

We got lunch to-go from Six Pence Pub and enjoyed it at a nearby square. 🙂

We ended our afternoon at Forsythe park, where we spread out a blanket and enjoyed the breeze from the mossy trees above us.

We truly loved our time in this beautiful, charming city. It was just what we needed for our first family vacation as a family of three, and we treasure the memories made there!


Our Family Getaway to Savannah, Georgia

August 5, 2021


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